Coronavirus COVID-19 statement

Updated at 12-5-2020

Dear partner, customer,

Everyone is aware of the COVID-19 situation impacting people health, safety and business around the world. Countries take (different) measures to contain the problem and mitigate the effects of the situation. In the Mors Smitt Group of companies we strictly follow the governmental directives and Corporate guidance.


We have learned from our factory in China who has been in the COVID-19 situation since early this year.
Already more than a month prevention and sanitation measures have been taken to protect people. Daily we update, change what needs to be done to protect people and continue business as good as realistically possible.

We instructed our employees that can work from home to do so. This includes sales, customer support, engineering, administration…etc.


Our sales and support teams will remain available by phone and email and will continue to answer your questions to the best of their ability and work with the production teams to try to fulfill your requests. Service and calibration teams are still operational and we are continuing to support you.

Manufacturing plants

Our manufacturing facilities remain open but are operating with temporary reduced capacity.

These ratio’s will be frequently updated on our website.

Supply Chain

Like everyone else we rely on suppliers continuing delivering materials and transportation that brings us the materials and our products to our customers.

Suppliers/subcontractors visiting one of our locations are requested to follow strictly the safety directives.

Our purchasing departments are continiously investigating whether problems can be expected within the supply chain of the various product groups with planned deliveries, as well as an increase in delivery times, which may cause problems later.

Yours sincerely,

Arne Wijnmaalen
Group Managing Director – Relays Train Protection & Energy / Mors Smitt