Coronavirus COVID-19 statement

The COVID-19 pandemic and increased demands on the global market is having a major impact on supply chains. Lower production and transport capacities lead to significant cost increases and shortages for all types of materials such as steel, plastics and electronic components.

These increases and shortages are significant that they cannot be buffered by us or our suppliers. As result for the coming period we have covered our supply chain to the best of our abilities, nevertheless the price impact towards the future might be applicable.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, please be reminded that we are not always able to confirm the delivery dates or lead times with a 100% certainty as set out in the Purchase Order due to the material shortage, the COVID-19 outbreak and the Force Majeure circumstance.

You can be confident that Wabtec Netherlands B.V. does everything possible to assess the situation on a daily basis and to take appropriate measures, so that we try to mitigate all impact on our production capacity and therefore on your own activities. We will keep you updated on these topics and remain available to discuss the above so that we can anticipate on the progress of the situation in the next months.

In order to anticipate on future demand any forecast from you will help to optimize our supply chain, cover the raw material need and production capacity in order to avoid possible delays.